Favourite Books Ever!

I’ve always loved reading and I try to squeeze a bit in everyday. It really helps to broaden your vocabulary and improve both your comprehension and communication skills. But aside from that I just find reading really interesting. It’s a great pass-time and can take you places you’ve never even imagined! I know that some people do find books a bit “boring” so I’ve put together a list of some of my favourites that will hopefully interest you, too! I really hope you guys enjoy it.

The Night Circus, by Erin Morgenstern

image3Morgenstern’s debut novel ‘The Night Circus’ is a captivating and enchanting work of the imagination. It is a unique blend of striking beauty in a dark world and walks a fine line between dream and nightmare. The writing is simply spell-binding in its ability to weave you into a world of magic and mystic and leave you feeling that unmistakable wonder of childhood (and a passionate desire to visit the circus!). ‘The Night Circus’ follows the love story of a young couple tangled up in the ‘Le Cirque des Reves’ and the sensual writing will have you lost in the unexpectedly delicious colours, smells and tastes of the circus. This story is playful and will put a smile on your face; definitely worth a read.

Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens

image1I’m just going to say it: Charles Dickens is one of the greatest novelists of all time. He has a knack for whipping up unique, outrageous characters that work to pique the curiosity of readers. ‘Great Expectations’ is no exception and is my favourite of his works. The main character, Pip, is a young orphan boy who, when left a lavish allowance from a mysterious benefactor, travels to London to begin a new life. It involves a passionate love story, serious social commentary and an exploration of development all in one. Full of artful twists and surprises, I was consistently at a loss to predict how this story would turn out. Dickens’ singular use of description works to paint a stimulating picture of this tale and succeeds in producing a wonderful novel with a clear sense of unity throughout.

 A Monster Calls, by Patrick Ness


This is a powerful novel of love, loss and hope. It follows the young teenager Conor, whose single mother is dying of cancer. Conor is haunted by nightly visitations from a monster and is forced to face painful truths in order to come to terms with loss. The story is completely heart-breaking but has a brave, honest conclusion that is ultimately emotionally rewarding and gives hope for the future. ‘A Monster Calls’ is beautifully crafted, filled with raw emotion, bitter humour and deep compassion. Though painful at times (the first book to ever make me cry!), this moving tale is definitely worth it.

Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte


‘Jane Eyre’ is a complex novel, combining features of romance, gothic and coming-of-age. The main character is a strong, independent female who, despite suffering great loss and cruelty, fights to overcome her appointed place in society; a truly an admirable role-model who I rooted for her from the very beginning. The heart and soul of ‘Jane Eyre’ is the fierce love between her and the passionate, brooding Edward Rochester. Though I am still not convinced that I actually like Mr Rochester, he is an extraordinarily fascinating character. Charlotte Bronte’s eloquent yet understated writing style works to make ‘Jane Eyre’ a captivating and engaging story. If you do find the start a bit slow, try to persevere because it really is worth while!

Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen


Cliche, I know, but this romantic comedy is, and forever will be, my favourite book. And the best bit? I was actually named after Mr Darcy! This Jane Austen classic tells the story of a young woman better than her circumstances, and the comical misunderstandings that ensue between herself and the eligible bachelor, Mr Darcy. I was charmed by this book’s witty repartee, clever and vivacious female heroine, heart-rending love story and amusing social commentary. Despite being published over 200 years ago, ‘Pride and Prejudice’ is still extremely relatable and relevant today. It is a book I always go back to and I fall in love with it again every time. I really recommend ‘Pride and Prejudice’ if you’re just getting into classics, as it was the first that I ever read and I am now completely obsessed! I would also highly recommend the 1995 BBC mini-series of ‘Pride and Prejudice’.


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